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Saturday – 150313 – 13.2!

Hey Team! Hope you’re all excited about tomorrow – Check out the video above for some handy tips on how to prepare for 13.2. Here are some things that we also found useful: Box Jumps – Step Down!| Unless you are going to be gunning for a place at Regionals, we recommend stepping down off the box. Alternate steps and get into a good rhythm. The key is to keep moving. Julie Foucher was able to get 9 rounds out using the step down – sweating all over the plyo box does not count as a rep (neither does tearing your Achilles!) Cleaning isn’t Fun So make sure you finish your 5 reps of Shoulder to Over head in one go. Strict Press, Push Press, Push Jerk, Split Jerk – do what ever it takes to lock out! Rest in a rack position if you need to Hook Grip the Deadlifts This will save your grip when you are closing in on the final few minutes of the WOD Use the clock as a Guide and Pacer Lets pretend this is the most disgusting EMOM workout we’ve ever done. If you wanted 8 rounds, that would mean you would need to Read More